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A piece of stainless steel perforated tube with round holes.

Perforated Steel Tube

Perforated steel pipe is the most inexpensive and popular device for automobile exhaust system, filtration elements and decorative applications.

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Stainless steel perforated pipe filter.

Stainless Steel Perforated Tube

Stainless steel perforated pipe is widely used in exhaust system of automotive and aviation fields and filtration systems of petrochemical and paper & pulp

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Aluminum perforated tubes with spiral welded.

Aluminum Perforated Tube

Aluminum perforated tube have excellent corrosion resistance and high strength-to-weight ratio. It is ideal for the places where have strict requirements of weight.

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Many stainless steel perforated tube with spiral lock seam tube.

Spiral Lock Seam Tube

Spiral perforated tube in lock seam is often found in fluid filtration industries like center tube in the filter house. Available in various margin patterns.

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Many spiral welded mild carbon steel perforated pipes with round holes.

Spiral Welded Pipe

Spiral welded perforated pipe is manufactured by mild steel or stainless steel based on precision welding, and widely used in chemical factories.

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Lock seam perforated stainless steel tube

Straight Lock Seam Perforated Tube

Straight lock seam perforated tube manufactured by stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum, is widely used in oil and lube filtration fields.

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A piece of stainless steel straight welded perforated tube with round holes.

Straight Welded perforated Tube

Straight seam welded perforated tube is more suitable for high pressure working conditions than spiral perforated tube. Available in various patterns.

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Square tube with punched holes in four sides.

Perforated Square Tube

Perforated square tube is fabricated with symmetrical round holes on four sides to load billboards or signs. It is easy to install and reused.

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Many stainless steel perforated casing pipes with round holes in warehouse.

Perforated Casing Pipe

Perforated casing pipe manufactured by 13Cr110 or other API approved steels, is designed with three different perforation patterns for specific applications.

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Perforated filter disc with unified, round and micro holes has special gap.

Perforated Filter Disc

Perforated filter disc can be used in rubber, plastic industry, sewage treatment, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, vehicle industry, food making fields.

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There are six cylindrical perforated filter elements on the grey background.

Perforated Filter Elements

Perforated filter elements can be used in rubber, sewage treatment, petroleum, chemical, machinery, vehicle fields and where possibility of needing to filter.

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Three perforated test sieves with round holes have different sizes.

Perforated Test Sieves

Perforated test sieves with great dirt holding trait are used as solid screening in laboratory, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction, abrasive fields.

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The perforated sunshade panels are blocking the fervent sunshine.

Perforated Sunshade Panels

Stainless steel perforated sunshade panels are anti-corrosion and can be used in shops, museums, art centers. Stunning appearance makes buildings more beautiful.

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The tall building are covered with perforated kinetic screens.

Perforated Kinetic Facade

Stainless steel perforated kinetic facade with attractive appearance is anti-corrosion and abrasion can be used for office buildings, galleries and art centers.

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Perforated metal facade is covering the whole building.

Perforated Metal Facade

Aluminium or stainless steel perforated metal facade with anti-corrosion can be applied to hotels, galleries office buildings and shop mall buildings.

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There are two perforated metal infill railings installed on both sides of the walkway to separate the audience.

Perforated Metal Infill Panel

Aluminium perforated metal infill panel is anti-pressure and abrasion. It is widely used in the decoration of offices, shops, museums and meanwhile protecting people.

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In the library, several pillars support the perforated metal ceiling and there is a staircase.

Perforated Metal Ceiling

Stainless steel perforated metal ceilings can be used in offices, museums, libraries, hotel lobbies for its high strength, beautiful appearance and light weight.

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All kinds of stones on the perforated vibrating screen.

Perforated Vibrating Screen

High strength and anti-abrasion perforated vibrating screens are made stainless or manganese steel can be used to separate and screen sands, stones or gravels.

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Perforated aluminum sound barrier is installed in the highway.

Perforated Metal Sound Barrier

Perforated metal sound barrier is used in road, railway, subway, bridge, office, factory, residential area and where possibility of needing to block noise out.

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Aluminum sound barrier is installed in the railway.

Aluminum Sound Barrier

Aluminum sound barrier with high durability is significant for highway, railway, subway, factory, residential areas and bridge sound barrier applications.

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Green PVC sound barrier with suitable angle is installed in the highway.

PVC Sound Barrier

PVC sound barrier with high corrosion resistance is significant for commercial, industrial, transportation and roof-top mechanical noise condition applications.

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Combination of white acrylic sound barrier and pc sound barrier forms an overall sound barrier.

Acrylic Sound Barrier

Acrylic sound barrier is used in freeway, metro, office, bridge, overpass, urban road, office and other places where need sunlight while blocking noise out.

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Polycarbonate sound barrier is installed between urban roads and buildings.

Polycarbonate Sound Barrier

Polycarbonate sound barrier with high light transmission is used as urban road, office, factory noise barrier and railway, metro, bridge, highway sound barrier.

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Gabion noise barrier is installed in the residential areas.

Gabion Noise Barrier

Gabion noise barrier with high anti-corrosion feature is used in highways, urban roads, railways, residential areas, factories and home walls as sound barrier.

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The combination of flexible noise barrier and PC sound barrier in the middle is installed in the factory.

Flexible Noise Barrier

Flexible noise barrier with high flexibility is used in acoustical enclosure room, commercial site, office, industrial site, road, wall and construction site.

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