Versatile Perforated Square Tubing for Mechanical and Structural Purposes

Perforated square tubing is cost effective choice of manufacturing square sign post and telescoping square tubing, which provide easy installation and savings in time and labor cost. One prominent advantage is its unique telescoping feature. Smaller sizes fit smoothly and snugly into the next larger size, which is possible by the help of high-frequency resistance welding. Road signs, warn signs and billboards are amounted to the tubing back-to-back.

Square perforated tubes are fabricated with a wide range of hole sizes and wall thicknesses for the application of mechanical and structural. Galvanized steel and aluminum alloy is the frequent used metal alloy. They can hold much more weight than wood or plastic tubes. In addition, owing to its special structure, it is easy to replace old broken tubing.

Product descriptions:

  • Material: plate steel;
  • Finish: hot-dipped galvanized;
  • Sheet metal gauge: 12 and 14;
  • Width: 1-1/2";
  • Height: 1-1/2";
  • Length: 8' and 10';

Note: Overall size can be bespoke according to special order.

Square tube with punched holes in four sides.
PQT-1: Square perforated tubing with holes in straight pattern.
Steel square tubing used as pot rack holding five types of pots.
PQT-2: Steel square tubing as simple pot rack.
Steel square perforated pipes for road sign posts packaged in warehouse.
PQT-3: Square steel perforated tube can used for road sign post.
Steel square perforated pipes for road sign posts with steel strip packaged in container.
PQT-4: Square steel perforated pipes for delivery.

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