Spiral Welded Perforated Tubing Superior for Its Precision Spiral Welding

Spiral welded perforated pipe is helically formed and automatically welded of continuous sheets of perforated metal based on high precision and high quality of welding. Compared with straight welded tube, spiral welded tubing is approximately 15% stronger. Spiral metal tube does great job in holding high pressure and high impacts.

Spiral welded tubing has been processed by centerless grinding, plating, sand blasting, deburring and buffing. These finishes will make subsequent operations smooth and cost-efficient.

Welded spiral perforated tube is available in various margin and end patterns. See them in technology section.

Many spiral welded steel perforated pipes with round holes in our warehouse.
SWP-1: Spiral welded steel perforated pipes.
Many spiral welded mild carbon steel perforated pipes with round holes.
SWP-1: Spiral welded mild carbon steel perforated pipes.

Product Descriptions:

  • Materials: Mild carbon steel, stainless steel.
  • Thickness: 0.024" to 0.165".
  • Hole diameter: 3/8".
  • Open area: up to 65%.
  • Hole Shape: round, slot and square.
  • Holes Distribution: straight line, staggered.
  • Outside diameter: 2" to 12".
  • Length: as required.

Note: Hole size and distribution can be bespoke according to special order.


It is often found in pulp mills, chemical processing and brewing industries.

Welded steel perforated spiral pipes.
SWP-3: Welded spiral perforated steel tubes.
Aluminum spiral welded perforated pipes with big round holes and small pipe diameter.
SWP-4: Aluminum spiral welded perforated pipes with small pipe diameter.

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