Spiral Lock Seam Perforated Metal Tube a Cost-Efficient Alternative

Lock seam perforated pipe is made by folding up the overlapping edges against each other, then folding them over in the same direction a number of times. It has flush surface outside and lock seam inside. This type perforated tubing is the popular option of fluid filtration like center tube in the filter house.

Mild steel and stainless steel are common materials of manufacturing spiral perforated tubes. For generally applications, carbon steel is available to serve. However, for corrosive work conditions, stainless steel perforated pipe is a cost-efficient choice in the long terms.

Note: End forms, margin patterns and holes distribution are bespoke. Click here for more information.

Product Description:

  • Material: mild carbon steel, stainless steel or as ordered;
  • Hole diameter: no less than 0.06";
  • Open area: up to 65%;
  • Thickness: 0.10" to 0.06";
  • Outside diameter: 1" to 8";
  • Length: up to 60".
Many stainless steel perforated tube with spiral lock seam tube.
SLT-1: Stainless steel spiral lock seam perforated tubes.
A aluminum spiral lock seam perforated tube on the floor.
SLT-2: Aluminum spiral lock seam tube.
Aluminum spiral lock seam perforated tubes with round holes.
SLT-3: Aluminum spiral lock seam perforated tubes.

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