Aluminum Perforated Tube Ideal for High Strength-To-Weight Applications

Aluminum perforated tube with square punched holes.
APT-1: Aluminum perforated pipe.

Aluminum perforated tube is extensively used as screens, filters, shields and guards of engineering, construction and material handling industries. It is especially suitable for low-temperature applications when its strength increases and ductility retains. However, when its working temperature reach 400 °F, aluminum tube tends to lose some strength.

One advantage of using aluminum perforated pipe depends on its ideal corrosion resistance and strength-to-weight ratio. For some applications, weight should be kept in a low level to ensure smooth operation. Under this condition, aluminum tubing is the best choice. It not only provides enough strength but weight less than other metals like stainless steel or mild steel.

Note: Available in various end margin forms and perforation patterns. See more.

Fabrication options:

  • Straight or spiral welded;
  • Straight or spiral lock seam;

Product description:

  • Material: aluminum alloy;
  • Hole diameter: 3/8";
  • Thickness: up to 0.2";
  • Open area: up to 65%;
  • Hole shapes: round, square and slot;
  • Outside diameter: up to 10";
  • Length: to any length.
Aluminum perforated tubes with straight welded and stagger arrangement round holes.
APT-2: Aluminum perforated pipes with straight welded.
Aluminum perforated tubes with spiral welded.
APT-3: Aluminum perforated oil filter tubes.

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