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As a leading manufacturer of perforated pipe, accurate corporation has been improving production process and innovating new products to meet the increasing requirement of market and customers. Perforated tube/pipe is widely used as filter element in automobile and chemical industries. Stainless steel perforated pipe and aluminum perforated pipe supplies excellent corrosion and rust resistance performance in harsh and corrosive environments. Additional, we can supply various perforated metal products to be used as sound barriers, facade decorations and stair infills. Multiple application and solid structure gain our customers' trust and we establish long term cooperation for win-win cooperation.

Four high office building and Three pieces perforated sheet in different materials and hole patterns.

Our Solutions

Accurate perforated metal products, including pipes, tubes and sheets are designed for solve customers' problems and supply perfect solution.

Industrial filtration

Perforated tube and perforated discs can supply precious filtering performance in automobile, chemical, pharmacy and other industries.

Facade decoration

Perforated metal sheet has smooth and bright surface to be used as building facades for decoration, sun shading and air ventilation.

Sound barrier

Perforated metal, PVC, acrylic and other materials weaken the noise from heavy traffic, downtown and factories.

Hot Products

In the following, we list some popular products our customer feedback, check them and find the perfect products fit for you.

Perforated Steel Tube

Perforated steel pipe is the most inexpensive and popular device for automobile exhaust system, filtration elements and decorative applications.

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Perforated Square Tube

Perforated square tube is fabricated with symmetrical round holes on four sides to load billboards or signs. It is easy to install and reused.

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Perforated Filter Disc

Perforated filter disc can be used in rubber, plastic industry, sewage treatment, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, vehicle industry, food making fields.

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Tips for Ordering Perforated Metal Pipes:

To save your time, we've listed several important factors to help you specify the product. If any problem, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

  • Materials: aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel are available.
  • Thickness: Specify in sheet gauge number or decimal inches like 16GA, 0.04";
  • Quantity: the overall length of the pipes or tubes;
  • Length: the long dimension of the pipe per piece;
  • Perforation configuration: straight line or staggered;
  • Perforation shape & size: round, square or slot;
  • Spacing of perforations: the distance between two adjacent holes;
  • Margin types: safe margins or no-margins;
  • End types: finished or unfinished;
  • Fabrication methods: Welded or lock seam.
A piece of perforated metal sheet is being punched by the machine.
Case Study

Here are several projects and case studies we conclude from communications with our customers, refer to them and design your own project.