Various Perforation Patterns Make Your Choice Easier

Metal perforated pipe is getting popular in industrial, automobile making, architectural and other fields. Round, square and slot perforations are provided. Special design is available when you specify in the order.

Steel perforated pipe
Round Perforation
Slot perforated pipe with safe end margins
Slot Perforation
Square perforated steel pipe used as support tubing for filtration
Square Perforation

Hole Patterns

Perforated holes can be straight or staggered for different opening area. You can choose any type in the following pictures.

Straight round perforation
Straight Round
Staggered round perforations
Staggered Round
Staggered slot pattern of perforated pipe
Slot Staggered
Slot perforations appears straight line
Slot Straight
Square perforations in straight line
Square straight

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