Perforated Metal Pipe End Pattern Options

Perforated metal tubing have three end pattern options - unfinished, finished or symmetrical. Generally speaking, unfinished end pattern is popular among all applications. Finished end pattern is not only hard to process but also cost more. For common purposes, standard end pattern (or unfinished) is workable.

If you have special requirement, please specify the exact end pattern before ordering. Bespoke service is possible.

End pattern options

Finished ends - the perforations at the end of the pipe shows uniform or completed according to the whole perforation arrangement.

Unfinished ends - the perforations at the end are not arranged according to other perforated area.

Symmetrical ends - perforations at both ends appears the same pattern.

Perforated pipe with standard end pattern
Unfinished End
Metal perforated pipe with finished ends
Finished Ends
Perforated tubing with symmetrical ends

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