Three Perforated Pipe Margin Patterns for Your Applications

Margin of perforated pipe refers to the distance from the end of the pipe to the perforated area which is parallel to the end edge. There are three options for your perforated metal tubing. You can specify the option when you order.

Margin Options:

  • Safe side margin: Perforated holes are not on or over the edge. There is some distance between the edge to the perforated area.
  • No margins - There are perforated holes on the edge of the pipe.
  • Intermediate margin - Unperforated area exists inside the perforated sections not the edge. It is designed to achieve particular appearance or design.
Perforated steel pipe with safe end margins
Safe End Margin
Intermediate margin area among perforated areas for special application
Intermediate Margin
Perforated holes on the edge of the pipe
No Margin

Perforated metal pipes are workable in various margin patterns. If the patterns above are not suitable for your special applications, just send us your drawing and customized tubing can be made.

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